"The future belongs to those who prepare for it today"
- Malcolm X

Be Prepared.



Individual Portrait session - $125

Event photography - $100/hr

(fees for travel may apply)

Projects & Testimonials

"When it came to crafting our message, Langston was a valuable asset in ensuring our campaign message resonated with the diverse community of voters and was always relevant and adaptable to inform all voters throughout the course of the campaign."

- Aaron C. Edmond (former candidate for Occoquan District Supervisor)

"Langston brings a unique energy, experience, and professionalism to our publication that any operation would benefit from."

- John Reid (Editor-in-Chief, pwperspective.com)

"Langston is serious about his work, and he pushes himself to not only meet the standard, but go above and strive for excellence on every project."

- Idris O'Connor